Interior Spray Foam Insulation - LEED Homes/Green Building

Hildebrand Dome Construction, Monolithic Dome –  3” of closed cell foam was directly applied to the interior of the Monolithic Dome.   The Monolithic Dome is a reinforced concrete structure that can be built quickly and economically.  Closed Cell Spray Foam allowed for high R-value with limited space. Closed Cell Spray Foam is just one step to completing the high quality, hyper insulated permanent home that protects it’s in habitants from elements of disaster.  SPF would help improve the structural stability of the dome helping the dome meet FEMA standards for providing ”near absolute protection” Once complete the dome has the ability to survive tornadoes, hurricanes and  earthquakes.  The Monolithic Dome with SPF applied is absolutely micro energy efficient.  The energy needed to maintain a comfortable interior are ¼ of any normal structure.  The domes are designed to have a life span measured in centuries.  Involved in this project was applicator Juvenal Villa who passed the Field Exams in January 2014. Certified Project Manager Jill Ludvickson and Richard Brunelle were also involved.


The United States Green Building Council - the body responsible for issuing the LEED environmental ratings - recently announced the winners of its 2010 LEED for Homes awards. While LEED is more typically associated with commercial projects, there is also a rating system specifically for residential structures.
Western Pacific Roofing has insulated many Leed certified homes in California. This home in Corona Del Mar was completed in 2012.

The market for green homes and commercial structures grew last year, as more-efficient buildings gained popularity. That has benefited the secondary markets which supply green building materials, including spray foam insulation, solar panels, energy-efficient appliances and other components of the modern home.



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