Residential - Wood Shakes

Wood Shakes Take On Beautiful Tones As They Become Weathered.

Wood shakes and shingles are made from cedar, redwood, southern pine and other woods. Shingles are machine-sawn; shakes are hand-hewn and rougher looking. The natural look is popular in California, the Northwest and parts of the Midwest. Things to consider; local building codes limit the use of wood roofing products, especially in specific fire zones. They must have approved fire-ratings per local and state building codes.

Fire-ratings of wood shakes/shingles are Class B or C (or none at all) and most wood roof products must be pressure-treated with fire retardants to be allowed as a roof system. Wood shakes are often installed over spaced board sheathing to allow the shakes to breathe. When the shakes end their life span there are many alternatives to replacement but unless completely removing and re-installing shakes, a solid plywood deck is necessary for whatever alternate system is installed.