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Western Pacific Roofing can perform temporary and permanent repairs with crews trained to find and solve leak issues. Minimizing damage and the emotional distress caused by a leaking building is high priority for us. We have trained technicians that understand the importance of discovering the leak source and determine the most cost effective repair to minimize further damage. In most cases our repair services are billed by the hour so that the buyer is only paying for the amount of time and service required.

Maintenance Programs

Roof system maintenance programs are an inexpensive way to prevent most leaks from ever occurring as well as providing needed information about how roof systems are performing.  An annual roof system maintenance program can be developed for each home or small business to fit the needs of the roof systems installed. Maintenance programs have been proven to significantly extend the serviceable life of roofing systems. Generally these programs are extremely low cost and include minor service and repairs as well as a report on each building.

Roof inspections

Western Pacific Roofing Corp. has been in business since 1949 installing and servicing almost all types of roof systems on the market. We are certified and approved applicators for most roof system types and manufacturerers. We can perform visual roof inspections and determine how currently installed roof systems are performing. We can make recommendations of corrected actions or maintenance that can prolong the serviceable life of the roof systems. If required we can provide written reports detailing the systems types and conditions noted.

Roof Restoration Systems

Western Pacific Roofing works with many Manufacturers that produce systems to “restore” and extend the serviceable life of roof systems. Many of these systems meet and or exceed Cool Roof requirements and are listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

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Asphalt Shingles
As the most common roof covering in the residential market, asphalt shingles are a popular economical choice the industry has seen vast improvements in styles and colors available to homeowners and builders.   Learn More About Asphalt Shingles

Polyurethane Foam
Foam systems commonly referred to as spray foam roofing, provides many benefits to homeowners including waterproofing, insulation value, strength and longevity.   Learn More About Polyurethane Foam

Our standing seam panel machine customizes the panels on the job-site in any length and many colors for your home.   Learn More About Metal

Gutter systems do more than just move water; they protect your most precious investment: your home. Our gutter systems are custom-made to the exact specifications of your house.   Learn More About Gutters

When Considering a tile roof system for a home, commercial building, addition or your existing tile roof has been damaged or constantly leaks Western Pacific Roofing has experienced individuals that understand customer...   Learn More About Tile

Roof coatings can provide a variety of benefits to residential roof systems. They can reduce energy costs and lower the roof life cycle cost by extending the life of the roof. Coatings are often used on metal roofs, TPO,...   Learn More About Coatings

Built Up
Conventional built-up roofing systems come in many variations with different types of finished surfaces. The term Built-up refers to building the system together with a number of ply sheets. Typically, built-up roofs...   Learn More About Built Up

Wood Shakes
Wood Shakes and shingles are made from cedar, redwood, southern pine and other woods. Shingles are machine-sawn; shakes are hand-hewn and rougher looking. The natural look is popular in California, the Northwest and parts...   Learn More About Wood Shakes

Restoration Systems
Western Pacific Roofing works with many Manufacturers that produce systems to “restore” and extend the serviceable life of roof systems.   Learn More About Restoration Systems

Roof Maintenance
Proper roof maintenance will not only add years to the life of the roof, it will also uncover problems before a roof leaks, and causes damages to the interior of the building. Few people would purchase a car and not chang...   Learn More About Roof Maintenance

Roof Repairs
  Learn More About Roof Repairs

Roof Inspection
What should be inspected once on the roof? We recommend you inspect the roof for the following conditions and correct them as soon as possible in order to avoid additional issues:   Learn More About Roof Inspection

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