Interior Spray Foam Insulation - Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are becoming more and more common these days. As the popularity of collecting wines increases, so does the need for proper storage techniques. For wine to mature properly, it must be left to sit undisturbed for long periods of time at the right temperature and humidity. These conditions can be found in a properly planned and constructed wine cellar.

The perfect temperature to store wine at is 55° F for reds and 45° F for whites. Unfortunately most collectors are not fortunate enough to have a location within their dwelling which maintains these conditions consistently throughout the year. This is why many people will decide to build a climate controlled wine cellar using spray foam insulation. A well insulated wine cellar with closed cell spray foam insulation can offer the perfect environment in which to keep your valuable wine collection well-conditioned.

When using closed cell spray foam insulation, an additional vapor barrier is not required because the foam acts as both insulation and a vapor barrier. Otherwise, a vapor barrier is required to keep the condensation created by the temperature changes between the cellar walls and the adjoining spaces from entering the cellar wall insulation and trapping excessive moisture.

There are two common methods for wine cellar insulation and vapor barriers.  Closed Cell spray foam insulation or 6 mil vapor barrier and fiberglass batts.  Spray foam will prevent the possibility of a punctured mark in your vapor barrier caused by someone inserting screws, running wire, plumbing, etc. into or through the wall from outside the wine cellar.

With non-shrinking closed cell spray foam the screw will not compromise the enclosure and the foam will expand to fill the crevices to ensure a tight seal.

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