Western Pacific Roofing replaced the roof of the main ranch house at Rancho del Cielo

Since Young America's Foundation stepped forward to save the Reagan Ranch 15 years ago, we have partnered with thousands of supporters across the country to preserve this national treasure.  

As the Ranch experiences the natural deterioration that comes with age, the Foundation has completed many preservation projects by duplicationg the original methods, materials, and dimensions to maintain as much historical accuracy as possible, while also fixing issues that would hinder our ability to share the Ranch with future generations. 

The most recent project was a complete replacement and restoration of the roof of the main ranch home.  Longtime Foundation friends and supporters, Johnny and Pam Zamrzla, and their company, Western Pacific Roofing, gernerously donated the materials and labor required to complete this important project.

Managed by Johnny and Pam's son, Johnny Lee Zamrzla, the project included using exact replacements of the original tiles used by Ronald Reagan.  Improved flashing (metal edging) and a new cap sheet (sub-roof), invisible beneath the historically accurate tiles, provides enhanced waterproofing and fire protection.  This new roof dramatically improves the Foundation's ability to protect the ranch home and artifacts stored with in. 

Young America's Foundation thanks Johnny and Pam for their commitment to ensuring that President Reagan's Western White House is preserved for years to come!