Interior Spray Foam Insulation - Air Barrier

Air Barriers control the unintended movement of air into and out of a building enclosure.

Spray Foam Insulated Air Barrier Systems are fully-adhered, providing a seamless, monolithic air barrier that conforms to irregular shapes, slopes and allows easy detailing around penetrations such as pipes, windows, doors and sheathing fasteners. SPF air barriers contribute to improved building durability, energy efficiency, and to occupant comfort, health and safety.

Spray Foam Insulation is an air barrier material. Air barrier materials are materials that are used to stop the movement of air into or out of the conditioned space.  Spray polyurethane foam is an air barrier material. Any material that has an air permeance that is not greater than 0.02 L/(s•m²) at a pressure difference of 75 Pa (0.004 cfm/ft2 at a pressure difference of 1.56 lb/ft2) when tested in accordance with ASTM E 2178 is an air barrier material.

SPF provide the highest level of thermal insulation, it provides a monolithic, fully sealed air and moisture barrier. 

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