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New Installations

Polyurethane foam roof systems are an excellent choice for designers and architects for buildings with low slope roof design. Polyurethane or Spray Foam is a monolithic system that generally consists of the polyurethane foam covered with a wide array of different coatings. The spray foam system is a high energy efficient system that will also meet and or exceed the requirements of the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). Polyurethane foam roof systems are truly renewable and provide a long-term solution to keeping Buildings watertight.  Polyurethane foam systems are designed to remain in place substantially longer than most roof systems. 

Re-Roof Installations

Polyurethane foam roofing systems are an excellent choice when considering a new roof system on an existing building. These systems are lightweight and in many cases can be installed directly over the existing roof system. This substantially reduces the amount of construction waste filling the landfills. This also minimizes the disturbance to the residence during the re-roofing process.  Polyurethane foam is insulation. These systems provide a watertight roof system with the added benefit of energy savings. Polyurethane foam roof systems can be installed to meet and or exceed Building Code requirements.

Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are designed to protect many types of roof systems.  On a polyurethane foam roof, the coatings are designed to protect the foam from degradation from ultra-violet rays. These coatings can be acrylic, silicone or even urethane.  Depending on roof foot traffic and environmental factors the right coating can be chosen for each application. Many of the roof system coatings are listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council and provide a high level of reflectivity.

Few coatings will make a bad roof good! However, coatings applied to an existing and functioning sprayfoam roof will continue to protect the initial investment in the applied polyurethane foam. Coatings erode over time and must be renewed. The amount of coating applied (gallons and dry film thickness) will determine how long before a 2nd or 3rd coating renewal will be required. During the initial application of the sprayfoam enough coating must be applied to ensure a renewal coating is not required for a minimum of 7 to 10 years. It makes no financial sense to apply only enough coating to last a few years before re-coat is necessary. The coating protects the most expensive part of the complete system; the polyurethane foam and the insulation it provides. 

Coatings fail usually to poor surface preparation. For a recoat application it is usually necessary to wash the roof with high pressure water. It is important to make certain the new coating is compatible with the existing eroded coating. There are many variables in product quality and performance characteristics. It is advisable to work with a reputable contractor who can provide assurance in selecting the correct coating for your roof and apply it properly. Western Pacific Roofing applies many coatings approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

The least expensive method to preserve your roof system investment is through a regular schedule of effective roof coating preventative maintenance. Western Pacific Roofing can tailor an inspection/maintenance program for your investment protection.

Maintenance Programs

Roof system maintenance on a polyurethane foam roof system will extend the life of these systems. Generally Maintenance for a polyurethane foam roof system consists of removing debris from the roof surface and making minor repairs with urethane caulk. A visual inspection can keep Building Owners informed on current condition and how the roof system is performing.   An annual roof system maintenance program can be developed for each home or business to fit the needs of the roof systems installed. Maintenance programs have been proven to significantly extend the serviceable life of roofing systems. Generally these programs are extremely low cost and include minor service and repairs as well as a report on each building.

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