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Roof Inspection Check List
What should be inspected once on the roof? We recommend you inspect the roof for the following conditions and correct them as soon as possible in order to avoid additional issues:

  • • Remove all debris from the roof. Pipes, skylights, pitch pans, HVAC units and other equipment are perfect gathering locations for debris. It is important to remove all the debris because it traps and holds water, which will promote roof deterioration at a faster rate.   
  • • Visually inspect all your drains. Make sure they appear open and function properly. If a drain is clogged it should be flushed and cleaned by a licensed plumber. A clogged drain can cause water-backup and could cause a leak.      
  • • Clear loose debris from gutters.  
  • • Check your roof for blisters and delamination.
  • • Check the entire roof membrane for deterioration, holes, mechanical abuse areas, defects, separation at any seams and edges - if you see any of these problems, consider repairing them now, so you do not have to replace and tear-off your roof later - this could save you thousands of dollars.   
  • • Carefully inspect junctures at wall and equipment base flashings and pipe penetrations. 
  • • Make sure all sealants and caulkings are in good shape.   
  • • Trim back any trees that hang over and are near your roof to avoid future unnecessary debris.

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