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Albert Frey Homes, William Cody Homes, Donald Wexler Homes, Palmer and Krisel Homes, Alexander Homes, Eichler Homes are all considered part of California Modern architecture.  These homes are characterized by a flat or low slope A-frame roofs, post beam construction, open floor plans, radiant heating, and clean geometric lines.  Skylights, sliding glass doors and full wall size windows effectively integrate indoor-outdoor living.  California Modern architecture includes the beauty of clean lines, effective use of light and other lofty architectural concepts. 


California Modern Architecture in Coachella Valley,

Since the 1920s, visionary modernist architects have designed sleek, modern homes that have embraced the desert environment. The dramatic geographic surroundings of the Coachella Valley inspired a design aesthetic in the middle of the 20th Century now called Desert Modernism.

Notable for its use of glass, clean lines, natural and manufactured resources and indoor/outdoor spaces, Desert Modernism evoked a lifestyle of simple elegance and informality. Influenced by the dictates of desert living and the intense climate, the style grew out of the architects and designers adaptive use of inventive materials, modern construction techniques, new (post-war) technologies...and served an enthusiastic and willing clientele.

Talented architects were drawn to the desert by chance and opportunity. They created notable buildings of every type: residential, commercial, civic, religious, hotels, schools, cultural, etc.

Palm Springs architects and developers of the era include:

  • Richard Neutra
  • John Lautner
  • Donald Wexler
  • Albert Frey
  • William "Bill" Krisel, Palmer and Krisel, Inc.
  • William F. Cody
  • John Porter Clark
  • George and Robert Alexander (land developers and builders)
  • E. Stewart Williams

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